Web Design

UI design

Each step in the design process of your site is important. We go through 4 step process; Discovery phase which includes content analysis, proposed site maps, and a strategy guide. Design phase which includes wireframes, page tables, visual and style guides for your site. Development and Deployment stage, which includes either hand coding the site or using a CMS and finally making it live. 

Open Source Development

Many websites like the ease of using a CMS, Content, Management System, to create beautiful websites. Not only is most CMS free, most are also open source, which means, you have the capabilities of modifying, editing and sharing your designs. We use WordPress as our CMS to create websites that have beautiful layouts, are engaging to the user and easy to use and navigate.


We understand that most websites are now accessed through mobile phones or tablets. Most websites are built to be “responsive” but don’t implement “mobile first”.  We design your website from the ground up designing mobile first to make sure that your website looks good not only on your desktop but on your smart phone. Designing mobile first ensures that your site works on all devices no matter the screen size. 

Front-end Development

Not every website uses a CMS and we know that. So we have created a team who are experts at hand coding with high levels of attention to detail. We utilize frameworks to ensure that all code is organized and readable and that your site has responsiveness in order to view on all devices. Our developers take the time to not only create a beautiful design, but also create great user experience.

“It’s not enough to make your website look beautiful, we want your visitors to enjoy every second of engagement with your site.”